PUPPY AGILITY FOUNDATION CLASS I and II AGES 12 weeks to 1 year old (This class may be split into 3-6 months old and greater than 6 months old).

This class progresses every 4 weeks. This class will focus on shaping, games, and body awareness. This will not be a puppy play time class. You will need to bring a crate, a clicker, yummy treats, and two identical toys (we suggest ones that the puppy can tug on).

Older dogs (not puppies) are always) welcome. All dogs can benefit from learning how to shape and play and becoming more aware of their body. This is an on going class and will progress as the puppies grow.

If you would like to join this class, please contact the instructor before signing up to set up a private lesson to make sure your puppy is ready for this class.