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Welcome to Get Over It Agility!

Fort Collins' First Indoor and Outdoor Agility Training Facility and Much More since 1999!

Our training philosophy is to provide a safe, fun and positive atmosphere for handlers and their dogs to learn and practice.  Toys and treats are encouraged with instruction provided on how to use these tools to obtain the desired results.

Most of all, training your dog should be fun for both you and your dog, even the most rudimentary skills!

The Total Canine

Get In Shape!

There will be two group seminars limited to 10 participants each and 7 spots available for individual evaluation and conditioning plans. You will be learning how to perform exercises properly as well as how to develop a specific plan for your dog's needs.

Get the most out of your dog and learn how to prevent injuries!

  • Date: April 11-13th
  • Instructor:  Leslie Eide, DVM, CCRT 
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Anna Eifert

Anna Eifert is coming to Get Over it Agility in May!

About Anna:
I started doing agility in 1999, with my Miniature Bull Terrier male Giovanni. I ran huge Belgian Sheperds and one small Schipperke too, belonging to my friend, achieved with them the FCI World Championship (2005 Valladolid – Flört; 2008 Helsinki – April; 2009 Dornbirn – Chester). The dog of my life is Nevian, a very unique smooth Border Collie female. She was born in 2004 and took the Silver medal in 2006 at the FCI World Championship in Basel. After it, we have been each year in the National Team, won a lot of trials in lot of countries – National Championship, Crufts, IABC, IFCS Biathlon etc. – but the most important thing that I still have the feeling after each run she’s so special! Last year I got a new present from God: Dú is a Miniature Bull Terrier female with Border Collie brain and Terrier spirit. She learns everything very easily and I’m sure we will have a lot of fun at agility trials! I’m holding agility seminars since 2007.

Some results with Nevian:
2006 - FCI World Championships, Switzerland – 2.place
2008 - Border Collie Classic , Netherlands – 2. place
2010 – Crufts, Great Britain – 1. place (British Open and International)
2010 – Hungarian National Champion
2012 – IFCS World Championships, USA – 1. place (Biathlon World Champion)

Watch some of Anna's runs on Youtube!